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29 August 2004 @ 07:23 am
Friday, August 20, 2004  
In which they must do a drawing and have no time for extra notes.

They had to write a story with pictures in Spanish. Well, it was per table, meaning there were 4 in our group, but apparently
Lily's obsession wound up winning out...

Un gato viva en un caja de zapatos. El saca fotos de otros caja de zapatos. El pone en su caja de zapatos. Estudia frances en el jardin. Los sabados toma el sol y baila. [A cat lives in a shoebox. He takes pictures of other shoeboxes. He puts them in his shoebox. He studies French en the garden. On Saturdays, he sunbathes and dances.]

This is also the first day Lily writes an SBP quote on her hand...

I do believe in commas. I do! I do!

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